We always adapt latest technologies for continuous improvement of work processes.
Raw Material:

Incoming raw materials are first inspected by our Quality Assurance Officer and clearance is given for further processing. According to the nature of spices, the materials are subjected to sundrying on an elevated structure. This structure is supported by latest technology comprising of pneumatic conveying / gravitational drop.

Cleaning System:

Specialized / Proven cleaning methodology is adopted to clean spices. This process takes care of eliminating completely the foreign matters such as stone, dust, ferrous and non ferrous items. At every stage of operation HACCP aspect is taken care of so that the product processed is safe for processing and consumption.We ensure that all products conform to rigorous hygiene standards. Our staff undergo ongoing training programmes for compliance of strict hygiene measures.

Milling System:

Spices are ground using state of art machinery which ensures retention of the original characteristics of the product such as Aroma, Essential oil, Desired Fineness and Consistency.

To ensure the best possible quality standard is maintained for our customers, we only process raw materials whose appearance and colour as well as aroma and flavour comply with our requirements.