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“Timely procurement is our strength while processing / milling is our specialization”. To uphold this business philosophy and to comply with the stringent standards in the foodstuff industry, we have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to sourcing spices from the most diversified cultures / farms of India. We test produce for various parameters ad obtain Quality Assurance Department’s clearance prior to purchase. We have procurement offices in various parts of the country where spices are grown and marketed. It is this widespread coverage that gives us the leading edge.

In-Process Control Activities
We always adapt latest technologies for continuous improvement of work processes.
Raw Material:

Incoming raw materials are first inspected by our Quality Assurance Officer and clearance is given for further processing. According to the nature of spices, the materials are subjected to sundrying on an elevated structure. This structure is supported by latest technology comprising of pneumatic conveying / gravitational drop.

Cleaning System:

Specialized / Proven cleaning methodology is adopted to clean spices. This process takes care of eliminating completely the foreign matters such as stone, dust, ferrous and non ferrous items. At every stage of operation HACCP aspect is taken care of so that the product processed is safe for processing and consumption.We ensure that all products conform to rigorous hygiene standards. Our staff undergo ongoing training programmes for compliance of strict hygiene measures.

Milling System:

Spices are ground using state of art machinery which ensures retention of the original characteristics of the product such as Aroma, Essential oil, Desired Fineness and Consistency.

To ensure the best possible quality standard is maintained for our customers, we only process raw materials whose appearance and colour as well as aroma and flavour comply with our requirements.


The processed products are passed through a Magnetic device so that the product is free of ferrous particles. In accordance with the buyer’s requirement, the finished products are packed in bulk and retail packages using Automatic Bag closers and Semi-Automatic Form Fill and continuous Sealing Machines.


Disinfestation and or Disinfestation Treeatment The finished goods are stuffed in the airtight in-house Fumigation Chamber. Government Approved fumigation agencies have been entrusted with the job of disinfestation and or disinfestation treatment as per buyer / importing countries norms.

Disinfested cargoes have been properly aerated after the prescribed time of fumigation. The quality assurance department draw sample for various analysis prior to allowing goods for despatch.

Personnel and Factory Hygiene

We also give special attention to Personal hygiene of the workers. This area has been entrusted to a house-keeper specially trained for this purpose. Workers have been given headgear, mouth mask, apron, gloves and foot covers to ensure product safety. Our ranges of products are fresh, hygienic and rich in taste.

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